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front-end developer and designer based in Seoul, KR


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Ha Anna

Seoul, South Korea


I have been a part of the Internet crowd all my life, making blog themes as a teenager, creating graphics for various causes and events, and even writing my master thesis about emoji. Because I enjoy solving problems and being creative, becoming a front-end designer was an easy choice to make. Currently, I am learning TypeScript and working as a freelancer.







Ha Youjun's Portfolio

ReactCSSReact Router

Commission. The goal was to create a webpage that allows to view the images comfortably and get to know the artist. Build with React + JS and mobile-first approach, routing created with React Router. All images were encoded with either mozjpeg or turned into webp for a faster load, npms were used for image carousel and masonry layout.



Quizzical is a single-page application that uses the Open Trivia Database API to fetch and render ten questions, with four possible answers each. The user can choose the question set from various categories (General Knowledge, Entertainment, Science, Animals, etc.) and difficulty levels (mix, easy, medium, difficult). At the end of the quiz, answers are checked, correct and wrong answers are displayed, and the points are counted.

CV page


CV page is a personal project made to practice using React and because I needed a space where I can display my CV to possible clients and recruiters. It displays two versions of the CV in English and Korean and allows the user to download it whenever necessary.

Movie Watchlist


Movie Watchlist is a searchable database of popular movies and tv shows. Users can look for a title that interests them, read about it and add it to a watchlist. Added movies will be stored in the user's local storage until they decide to remove them.

Color Scheme Generator


Color Scheme Generator is a project made with The Color API. When the user chooses a color and a color scheme, color palette will be generated. The hex colors are displayed below generated colors and can be copied to the clipboard when clicked.

Password Generator


Made with CSS, HTML and Javascript. The length of the password can be set manually, and all you have to do to copy the password is to click on it.If user tries to copy the password before generating it, the button will turn red.Upon copying the password, message will be displayed, confirming the action.


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